Checking Your Property for Damage or Any Potential Issues

You’ve moved in to your retail property and started to set yourself up, ready for the daily grind. For your security purposes, a good check over of the property is very important at this point. This includes the windows, doors, any access points such as the roof, basements, garage (if applicable) and any storage facilities that you may have on site.

When your shop opens, you do not want to be doing any DIY jobs as customers are coming through the doors, so getting the smaller jobs like a simple repaint and fixing any faulty locks is very important. Making your shop look fresh and appealing when your doors first open is crucial, as first impressions last a lifetime. If you feel the doors and windows are in such bad condition that they need changing right away it should definitely be a priority.

A shop front




The windows and doors of your shop are the most important parts of your security plan. They need to be fitted to a high standard and at least double glazed in order to give you the protection and insulation you require. All entry points should be reinforced to guarantee security, and it is vital that they are checked and maintained often.

The locks of your property are also very important, as there is not much point is having fantastic windows and doors if their locks are not to a high standard. These can be the standard locks that you see in many homes and businesses, or electronic locks could be an option if you have the budget to cover it. There are a wide range of options available, and all give your shop what it needs: effective safety.



When it comes to safety and security, it isn’t just the human element you have to be wary of. This is the United Kingdom, where the weather is as unpredictable as it can get! Hailstones, torrential rain and potential flooding are three weather conditions that can cause shop-owners a number of problems with their properties. It is essential that you check your roofing when you first move into the property, and check for any weather damage, weak points and any areas that could be problems in the future. Having an expert come and take a look at your roof and analyse any issues you have or may have in the future will give you a great opportunity to safeguard your roof for the long term future and reduce the need for costly maintenance and replacement work.



In most instances, if you have bought a retail property outright, there is a very good chance that you would have already had a survey done on the property to ensure that the foundations of the building are in good order. Either way, it is an extremely important aspect of owning a property, because any weather damage can seriously alter the foundations and the brickwork and could seriously harm your chances of selling the property in future, not to mention the expense of putting right any damage you might accumulate while you are the owners of the property.

To check the foundations of the building, you must test all windows and doors to ensure that they open and close properly and match up to the door frames. These are tell-tale signs that there may be issues. Checking for any cracks, either above or around windows, doors and especially in the walls and ceilings of the property, will likely point to foundation damage.

Also, take a good look over the roof line and sides. If there are any sunken spots on the sides of the roof then they need to be looked at by a professional as soon as possible. The same can be said if there are any arched or uneven lines along the line of the roof. If there are any sunken spots, then this is a pretty incriminating sign of foundation damage. If not, then the existing foundation should be solid and secure.

In all of these instances, if you are not qualified or experienced in any of these fields, it is always advised that you bring in industry professionals to help you devise a strategy to get these problems sorted out and get your property ready to be the best retail property it can be! It may stretch your budget a little, but it will pay dividends in the long run. It’s always better to be safer now than sorry and out of pocket later.