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When choosing the right security shutter for your property, you will want to feel assured that they are made from the sturdiest possible materials that will ensure that your property has the optimum amount of security day and night. A steel shutter is the guarantee that you are looking for. The word ‘steel’ evokes the feeling of toughness and rigidity that you expect from security goods, and a steel shutter delivers on that feeling. Made from solid steel for that extra protection, a steel shutter will provide maximum security for any application, whether it be a factory, garage, school or retail outlet. There are a number of applications that would benefit from a steel shutter, and the specifications can be altered so that your property can be protected too.


Additional information


• 75mm, 20 gauge steel – most curtains
are weaker 22swg
• Solid or perforated
• Nylon end locks as standard
• Reverse or traditional coil available
• High security fixing between curtain
and barrel

Bottom slat

• Galvanised inside/outside L or T section


• Galvanised or painted for longevity
• Heavy duty non drive end (preinstalled
to barrel)
• Safety brake device should always be
fitted to shutters over doorways

Side guides

• Manufactured from high grade steel
• 65mm x 32mm side guide, pre fixed
to 40mm side section
• Lug of end plate slides directly into
40mm side section
• 40mm side section has a series of
slots to save drilling and make fixing
• No additional fixings required
between guide and end plate
• Guides pre belled for ease of
• Available for face or reveal fix (see
standard drawings opposite)
• Stand offs can be specified to
overcome protrusions
• Snap on cover to protect
fixing points


• 3mm galvanised steel, with
chamfered profile
• Spigot on end plate is preassembled
for strength and ease of installation
• Return flange for easy attachment to
the wall and to attach hood
• For speed of installation the barrel,
end plates and hood will be
pre-assembled and ready to install
to the guide

Hood & fascia

• 2 piece construction
• Available in 6m lengths so will not be
joined in the door width
• All boxes over 4600mm have a
special hood where the gap is
increased and reinforced to allow for
deflection in the curtain

Motor & controls

Motor and controls
• High quality Link Controls tubular
single phase motor
• Keyswitch as standard
• Manual override facility as standard
in case of power failure
• The following are available as
– Remote control
– Group command
– Photocell/safety edge/
safety systems
• 5 year warranty