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SGG ZF73 Bifolding Door

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Fabricated at our factory in Southwest London using the Alunet BF73 Bifolding Door System, our bifold doors boast market leading sightlines of 120mm, high thermal efficiency with U-values as low as 1.4 W/m²K, PAS:24 security rating and other features typical of more premium brands, all without the premium price tag.

Widely considered the most cost effective bifold system without compromising on quality, thermal efficiency, security and more, we use the Alunet BF73 system in order to provide customers with the highest value for money.

Operating on a 2-week lead time, we offer market leading turnaround times thanks to our efficient and highly experienced manufacturing process.


The ZF73 is available in up to 7 leaves each way (14 total) to allow for the largest possible openings. To suit the specific application, the door leaves are able to open either from the left or right of the opening, either opening towards the inside of the property or to the outside – the choice is yours. 


Additional information

Frame Width


Frame Depth

81mm inside to outside

Mullion sight line

120mm or 133mm

Glass possibilities

28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm, double & triple glazed units

Max overall height


Max overall width


Technical performance

Thermal Properties: Down to 1.4U W/m2K
Air: Class C4, 600Pa
Wind: Class A3, 1200Pa
Water: Class 9A, 600Pa


120kg per door leaf – providing for the largest openings.

Panel sizes

Panels of up to 3000mm high and up to 1200mm wide,
without having to upgrade rolling hardware.